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Name: Veronica (Everyone calls me Ver) .. I used to own until I sold it. =o/ damn me. (But come and join the forum! I still run it along with some great girls. John Mayer Fans Forum)
Age: 18
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
When did you first start liking John? The day that "No Such Thing" was radio released, I became hooked.
What made you first start liking John? Well the song is what did it for me, I thought it was a really clever, cute little song.
What's your favourite John song? "In Your Atmosphere"
Have you seen John live? Twice. The summer he came out.. (what was that, 2001? I forget) 1/2 row. It was gen admission. And last August. 2nd row PIT. And again this August, I will be. Possibly more than once.

PROJECT_JOHN questions...
Where did you hear about PROJECT_JOHN? elew
Would you be interested in sending contributions for the scrapbook idea? Of course.
Do you have any suggestions to put forward for ways to show our appreciation to John? I liked one idea a girl had of a video. That was clever. Other than that, no ideas as of yet. There's always the typical drawings, thank you letters, etc. I've heard of girls making mix CD's of unknown GOOD bands to put in scrapbooks. I like that idea, as well.
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