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Just joined!

Name: Bridget
Age: 15
Location: Arlington, MA
When did you first start liking John? 2001, a little after Room For Squares came out.
What made you first start liking John? My sister's friend had sent her the album online, and it was in our iTunes, and I expected him to be some old famous guy that I hadn't heard of. So I looked him up online and apparently his NST video had just come out. Oh yeah, and he was pretty, not old.
What's your favourite John song? Something's Missing (old version), Outside in the Underground, Split Screen Sadness.
Have you seen John live? Twice, and this summer will be the third.

PROJECT_JOHN questions...
Where did you hear about PROJECT_JOHN? I found the site from a girl's userinfo.
Would you be interested in sending contributions for the scrapbook idea? Definitely, anyone can email me at if you have any news.
Do you have any suggestions to put forward for ways to show our appreciation to John? Send him chocolate milk! He loves it. :)

I love John, and he's been the most influential artist in my life. I'm also a singer/songwriter and go by his old motto of "See you when I'm famous". Anyways, yeah this is awesome.
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