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*does a little joining jig*


Name: Amber
Age: 18
Location: Wickliffe, Ohio [never heard of it...I don't blame you. heh]
When did you first start liking John? When I saw the video for "No Such Thing" on MTV
What made you first start liking John? The lyrics to his songs weren't, um...stupid? They were romantic and smart and just made me feel good. Not to mention he's incredibly attractive...lol.
What's your favourite John song? Neon/My Stupid Mouth/Why Georgia/83/Clarity...it's so hard to pick!
Have you seen John live? Nope. But I'm going on 08.03.04 and I'm SO EXCITED! :-D

PROJECT_JOHN questions...
Where did you hear about PROJECT_JOHN? I was searching for John Mayer Icons
Would you be interested in sending contributions for the scrapbook idea? yuppers!
Do you have any suggestions to put forward for ways to show our appreciation to John? anything that isn't "JOHNOMGILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!!!!!1111 PLEASE MARRY US SO WE CAN HAVE YOUR UBERHOT BABIES!!11111HHEEEEHEHEHELOLZ!"...you know what I mean? :-P
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